Dell optiPlex 380 ethernet controller

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  1. 1. Type Dell drivers into google
    2. click the first link.
    3. choose "enter service tag"
    4. locate service tag on computer case(sticker) and enter it and click GO.
    5. scroll down a little and Choose "Network" from the list of expandable sections.
    6. download ethernet controller and / or network card drivers.
    7. Install Drivers.
  2. batja said:

    how are you
  3. Dells on drivers don't work. i know the nic works as it was fine before installing the OS
  4. sorry Dells own drivers don't work is what i meant to type. I am downloading the drivers using the asset tag and for the right OS (windows64 bit) i know have 2 dell 380's doing the same thing but they are fine with xp
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