Dead motherboard? What's the next step to verify ?

I seem to have a problem with the power to my computer. After 2 days of searching all kinds of forums I still haven't found a solution.

The computer won't power up, no fans are spinning, not a sound. The power seems to get to the mobo when I switch on the psu (the IO switch on the back) since the power and reset button on the mobo are lighting up, but even pressing them won't do anything.

I left my computer unplug for 11 months (I was out of the country), I came back 2 days ago and the computer just wouldn't start. It's a 3 years old, custom build, Asus P5Q-E, intel E8200, stock heatsink and cpu fan, 4 gig ddr2 OCZ reaper 1066, ATI Radeon 4870 visiontek, 500gb wd barracuda, pioneer dvd-rw, Apex solythec 600w sli ready psu, thermaltake wing rs 100 case

Here is what I tried so far:
- Reset/clear cmos (taking the battery out and moving the jumper)
- Tested PSU with multimeter, all voltage values are in the range (on the 20/24pin and the 8pin near cpu), it (psu without being plug to anything on the computer) starts ok when I short it on the 20/24 pin connector, and the chassis fan witch is directly connected to a molex adapter starts too. However, if I plug it in the mobo and try to push the power button (the one on the mobo and the case one) nothing happens.
- I unplugged everything and tried every possible combination (no dvd drive/only dvd drive, no HD/only HD...), still nothing.
- Check all the capacitor on the mobo

I don't get any response when I try to power up, no fan spin, no hdd noise, no noise from speaker mobo, the psu wont even start up (the fan doesn't spin nor the blue led on it, but the IO switch on the back light up)

So I kinda ruled out the PSU failure since the voltage test was fine and the light on the power and reset button on the mobo light up. Could it be a short on the mobo, a dead cmos battery, a cpu fan problem ? I tried to give as much info as possible, ask if anyting is missing.

Thank you
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  1. Can you try changing the RTC battery (Lithium CR 2032) with a new one?
  2. I just tried, nothing different.
    I was wondering if I should try to short the atx24pin connector while it's plugged in the motherboard the same way I did to start up the psu when I tested the voltage (shorting green and black) to start up everything?
  3. You can try shorting out (momentarily) the 2 motherboard pin headers into which the front panel 'PWR' connectors are plugged in. This would simulate the front panel 'ON' switch.
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