Should I buy an SSD now or later?

I am looking to buy an SSD between 180 GB and 256 GB. I am either buying now or sometime up to April. I do not care about performance increases that will arrive then (unless they are very large); I just care about price. Are there any informed predictions about the price of SSDs in the next few months?

In other words, will I be able to save money by waiting a few months instead of buying now? Or are the Christmas sales usually lower than regular price for the months following?
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    With all technology, the more time that goes bye, the better the technology will be. If you are looking at a specific SSD, then more then likely it will be cheaper if you wait. Then again, the price you are looking at, few months down the road there will most likely be something better for the same price. If you wait a few months, the answer to this question will be the same for when the time comes to buy it. No matter when you buy it, there will always be a better one a few months down the road. I would just say go and buy it, and if you really want to, upgrade it in a year or two.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Buy an SSD right away, you wont regret it.
    But dont buy a 256GB.
    Buy 2 128 Instead and set theme in stripe :) Or use theme sepratly, the cost should be about the same, if not a bit cheaper.

    I got 3 ssd's bought 2 more yesterday.
    1 Force GT 128
    2x Kingston V200+ In stripe, i have 1.2 GB read and write xD
    And for those who say stripe is a waist and that its not faster. Its not true.
    Windows 7 boots a hell lot faster than on my singel Force GT + games.
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