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I was A+ back when Clinton was President, but haven't done anything, so now I don't know a CPU from a UPC. I innocently posted a question on another part of this forum about I5 750 vs I7 860 from Dell and they have me convinced that I can do much better building it myself. I am NOT a gamer, but I am looking for system that will last for a few years and be around $1000. Does anybody have comments on the components used in the link above? I also have to buy Windows 7 and perhaps Office 2010. Since Spider Solitaire is the heaviest game I play I don't think I will have any need to get into overclocking. I know the I5 is probably overkill for a regular home user. Are there any step by step guides that start from scratch? Could the MSI GeForce GTX 470 be serious overkill for a non-gamer, and someone not doing video editing?
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  1. lol yes a gtx 470 is serious overkill for someone who doesnt play games or do video editing and so on, so is an i5, you could build a system for $500 that should fulfill your needs
  2. IMO get an Athlon X4, 4GB DDR3, an SSD, and 880g motherboard. If you wanted to an AMD x6 would give you some pretty good multitasking, but probably would be unnecessary.

    Spend the rest on a nice monitor.
  3. im even thinking x3 445, and an ssd would be nice
  4. I have a strong tendancy to buy up. I just looked back and my last computer was purchased 6 years ago and was an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ATL. It has served me well but is a bit outdated. So looking forward 6 years the I5 750 may not seem like so much overkill. I paid $760 6 years ago so if I can build a system that can carry me into retirement for about 1k I don't mind. I just have a question if I am capable of building it myself, and that video card sounded a bit too much. I was looking at 8 mb ram, but everybody told me to tone that down to 4.
  5. yes rather get 4gb of ram and when you think your pc is getting sluggish get the extra 4gb so you can spend more on the build itself, im thinking an antec 300 case, i5 760, cheap asus or gigabyte or msi motherboard, 1tb samsung spinpoint f3 hdd and an ssd
  6. For 6 years? The X6 would probably be the best choice then.
  7. if he is keeping the pc for 6 years then the x6 1055T would be a better choice i guess
  8. I know I am the oddball on sites like this because you guys will probably change computers 3 times in the time I have one. Is there a step by step guide for guys like me who are behind, but are still thinking about building?
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