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  1. Win 7 is the best OS I've ever used. I honestly think everyone should move to it. It's just so... nice. And I've never had any compatibility issues, either.
  2. Annisman said:
    Thanks alot for clearing that up Ape, and what's this about Intel having DX10 GPUS ? I have never heard of such a thing, nor that they were borked.

    After going through my old emails, found the M$ Gamefest presentations from this year;

    Which details both the main fallback compatibility issues (including the intel issue) in the primary DX11 presentation (listen to the presentation and check the notes for the extras) and it also does a great job at the back to show the groupings;

    My favourite line from the presentation obviously directed at intel's GMA junk;
    "This is not to say we support every piece of D3D9 piece of hardware out there.. ..with the caps model it possible for something to claim to be D3D9 and it means almost nothing it has a DX7 or better driver"

    The note on SLIDE 9 also makes clear reference to intel: The one current special case is the Intel Integrated Graphics DX10 parts only support D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_10_0 and D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_9_1, but not 9_2 or 9_3

    And then another presentation also examines the implementation of 'Smart Tessellation' in the AMD presentation (kinda childish opening if you ask me) which speaks to the idea of not just taking on extra workload (But it goes to 11 !!), instead to use it efficiently to give you the improve visuals and maintain great speed;

    Starting with Pitfall #1 on Page 33 leading up to this good example;

    * notice the Note in the presentation about Offset Parallax Oclussion Mapping being much slower and with lower quality result

    And then the general M$ overview for Tessellation;
    (* interesting comment -SLIDE 42- as a 'Hidden Treasure': "AdaptiveTessellationCS40 runs on DX10 cards!" )

    Which does a much better job of explaining the task rather than notty's nV-centric and truncated (just before describing the benefit of tessellation? :heink: ) article which uses nVision as it's IHV-biased source instead of the IHV agnostic (put pro M$ ISV [no OGL/OCL there]) Gamefest content which invites not only AMD and nV, but other main influencers like intel and Epic.

    I think that set of resources should answer alot of your questions. I usually review them with my friend from EA after the conference when they are made available, and I find they help alot in fleshing things out.
  3. Oh my brain overload. Thanks for all the info, going to take me a while to go through it all, and even longer to fully understand.
  4. on a side note, i was thinking, since graphics cards now have "universal" shader cores, cant the drivers of all cards just be updated to include tesselation etc, not just the latest 5xxx and gtx 4xx series?
  5. Man I can't wait for this game!
  6. I'm ripping into a new build and the GPU will last for at least 18-24 months, well into when BF3 comes out and is up and running. Unfortunately, that means buying a GPU now.

    I'm looking at either a Nvidia 470 or an ATI 6970. Why I can't nut it out well is I don't know enough about BF3 to see if a GPU architecture favors Say ATI over Nvid or vice versa. Secondly, ATI have display port and my 2408FWP is a superb monitor which would add to it in respect of allowing more of the gamut to be displayed but Nvid have CUDA and that helps with Photoshop in particular and parallel processing where supported.

    I'm interested to know if anyone has the deal on BF3 if it supports one GPU in favor of another.

  7. This sounds like great news to me! I want BF3 to be that title that really pushes my hardware to the max!
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