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Too hot? i5-760 and 2 GTX 460 in SLI

while idle, my core temperatures are between 29-33 for all four readings
using Realtemp

In Prime95 stress test, the cores went up to 75-79 within 2 min so i stopped the test.
I haven't stressed the GPUs yet.
I am mainly concerned about the CPU temp. When installing, I installed the CPU fan/ removed it due to cable tangling and reseated it (properly as far as I can tell) so that has me worried about the the thermal paste.
The system components are

CPU: I5-760 with stock fan/paste
Mobo: Asus Maximus III formula
Ram: Corsair 4gb DDR3 1600
GPU: 2X GTX460
Sound: sound blaster X-fi
HDD: Seagate 1tb 7200 (runs at 28 for temp)
Case haf922

Is the temp in the normal range?

Edit: ambient temp is around 70 degrees F
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  1. to high. You want to stay under 70c especially at stock. I'd remove it, remove the thermal paste and reapply.
  2. While I concur with Vindictive as even for the SHI%$ stock HSF, your temps are much higher than they should be unless you live in the "Down Under - it summer there, or the tropics.

    Myself I DO NOT even install the intell stock cooler (Just look up SupremeLaws comements). They are close to the BOTTOM of the list for effectiveness - and thats if you get them insalled GOOD. I prefer HSF with a Backing plate ( I use the Zalman 9500 on E6400 @3.2 and the 9700 on my I5-750 NOTE at 3.8 GHZ my max temp was 62C.
    This is not a recomendation for the Zalman, better ones are out there and at a lower price.
  3. As hinted by RetiredChief, get an aftermarket CPU cooler.. Even a cheap one such as the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 plus will yield better results compared to the stock Intel cooler..
  4. A nice dense rock will yield better results than the thing Intel gives us xD
  5. If you dont plan on oCing, undervolt the crap out of it, ur heat will drop :P
  6. Thanks everyone, I ended up ordering hyper212 plus and artic thermal compound. i Also got another 200mm fan to help with the airflow...

    What is the lowest volt i5 can handle? a quick rundown on how to manage voltage will be greatly appreciated as I have no experience with oc-ing...
  7. there is no set stadart, start going down in small increments untill your system becomes unstables. For my 955 I would run prime95 for around 20 min with each change, settled for 1.2v with 200mhz OC :P
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    For stable operation, I would say don't go below 1 V (from looking at a couple of threads about 1.05)

    That said. Power does not always go down when you undervolt a CPU.
    Two things are fixed P=ExI and I = E/R. with a Resistor it is a given, if you decrease E then I goes down and Power goes down. Power goes in the direction of Cause - in this case cause is decrese in E. This aften is not the same with a active component such as an IC. The problem here is that quite often when you decrease the input voltage to a circuit, Current does not always go down, infact oten increses and may infact increse power. To save a couple of Watts, not worth it.

    Bottom Line - The change in HSF should cure your problem, don't sweat the undervolting.
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