Need help building a basic PC for a frnd.....

-ADOBE softwares (photoshop,flash,aftereffects...etc)
-Movie Watching/songs

-the lesser the better,but if any component priced higher is gonna make a significant diff to the config,then wont mind spending

Im considering an AMD based system:

PROC: I feel an AMD Athlon II X3 445 will be bttr than a X2....since the 3rd core may make a diff wid the editing softwares i mentioned above
MOBO: Im confused here....shud I go for a AM3 or AM2+ mobo?? will DDR3 make a huge diff in basic use? PLEASE ADVICE
RAM: DDR2 or DDR3??
GRAPHICS CARD: here again will an onboard soln be enuf? especially for ADOBE softwares since they support hardware acceleration....I was thinking a 9400GT or a ati4830?
The rest of the config....I'll consider during the purchase itself...450W PSU shud be enuf rite?

Please reply soon :) and thnks!!
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  2. for your needs:

    athlon x3 440 rana

    a 770 chipset will be ok i think... search any mobo that says 770 am3... u need am3 cause if its not ur procesor wont fit and make sure it is ddr3, its much faster

    for the ram get 4gb ddr3 1600mhz cl7 g.skill

    gpu... an ati 4670 is enought to watch movies in full hd

    psu the ocz sealthstream 600w is very decent for the price

    hdd samsung spinpoint f3 is the fastest one and its cheap choose between 500gb or 1tb... 1tb is beter for the price

    for the case tell me what things u would like on a case and i will recomend u one
  3. if you are buildimg a new machine, and not upgradng, go ahead and get DDR3 and an AM3 board. DDR2 is vanishing.

    You'll want a better graphics card than a 9400 or 4830. Depending on your budget, I'd get GT240 (~80), GT250 (90), 9800GT (100), GTX 450 (150), or 460 (180 for 768 GB, 220 for the 1 GB).

    NVidia is a bit better card for photoshop, so I'll suggest that over an AMD card for that.
  4. IMO drop a dedicated video card and get an 880G mobo/x4 with the money.
  5. any more suggestions?
  6. I agree with sp12. Get an 800 series chipset motherboard with HD4290 graphics onboard and skip the graphics card. AthonIIx3 or x4. 4GB DDR3 RAM.
  7. are we sure for Photoshop & such he shouldn't have a dedicated graphics card?
  8. Check out the System Builder Marathon $400 computer,2739.html

    Just drop the 5670 and use the onboard video so you can get more RAM and perhaps a bigger Hard Drive. The ASRock M3A770DE and Athlon II X3 440 provide excellent value. I would not go any cheaper on the motherboard. As for the case since you're not even putting in a dedicated video card right now you can go with something cheaper or more to your tastes.

    As for the Adobe Hardware acceleration it just depends on how much time you spend in Photoshop and After Affects. If you're spending 4hrs or more a day with Adobe then you may appreciate having a dedicated GPU. If not, then I say just stick with the onboard video. You can always add a dedicated GPU latter if you really feel the need but since you want to pay as little as possible........
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