Need help with formating my new internal hard drive


I just built a brand new computer and have used up my new ssd. Now when I try to format my new hard drive that I just put in the computer, windows 8 says that "windows was unable to complete the format." Do you guys have any ideas what to do?

Thank You
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  1. Does it do this part way into it or at the beginning or what? Have you initialized it in disk management and created at least one partition on it? More info please :??:
  2. so i downloaded western digital data life guard diagnostics and tried to write zeros for my 1 tb seagate hard drive. Mid way of configuring it, it crashed and now my computer does not recognize the hard drive at all. I check my computer the hard drive doesnt show up, i check my bios the hard drive doesnt show up, i check my system storage and it doesnt show up either. This did not happen before, do you guys know what is wrong or what I should do? I tried reconnecting the power plug and the sata cable and it still doesn't show up.
  3. Do you have another PC to try it in, at least to see if is shows in BIOS? Did you try all of the SATA ports on the motherboard?
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