Hey looking for a PSU for a new Build

Hey again,

Just seeing what everyone would recomend as far as a psu goes for my new build here are the planned specs.


Mobo- 1155

CPU- SB 2500K

Ram- 8GB G-skill

GPU- 460 GTX Hawk 1 GB (possible SLI in future havent decided)

HDD- 7200RPM 1TB x 2

If you need to know anything else let me know. and here are some options i have been considering keeping in mind that i may not end up puting the 460 in SLI

Corsair 650TX

Seasonic 520 W

OCZ 550w Fatal1ty
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  1. I would go with the XFX 650W PSU over any of those models at this time.
  2. go with the seasonic if you don't plan to SLI, if you do plan on it get this

    the corsair above only has two power connectors, the xfx has four (each GTX 460 takes two)
  3. ive heard that, that psu has had alot of problems with a faulty fan. how is the xfx customer service/ could i return it to newegg if it has a clicking fan problem
  4. you can RMA it to Newegg within 30days I believe. the PSU itself has a 5 year warranty
  5. do you know if xfx is good with their rebate process?
    cause if so thats a great deal
  6. They are very good with their Graphics cards, so I would venture to say it should be the same for their PSU's.
  7. peteypablo319 said:
    do you know if xfx is good with their rebate process?
    cause if so thats a great deal

    rebates are all outsourced to only a handful of companies, basically the same guys who do xfx, also do gigabyte, asus, evga, etc.,
  8. kk thanks guys sounds good thanks for all your help
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