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Hi all,

I am need of a system build for a gaming/graphics software PC. I have a budget of $1400. I prefer an Intel i5 or i7...other than that, no maor restrictions. I do not need any keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor, etc., just the system. Thanks all in advance and feel free to be creative and if you could list prices and links if you got the time would be great.
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  1. What resolution and specific programs?
  2. I am using Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and minimal 3D apps but could increase in near future (Maya type programs). I am currently using a 23" LCD HD Monitor, and could be adding 2 more soon. Hope tha helps.
  3. For those apps an X58 i7 or AMD X6 are the only real platform choices that make sense. How much ram are you expecting to use? Will you be gaming on all 3 monitors at once?
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    ^ Agreed. AE and Premiere can benefit from CUDA quite a bit.

    A few question:

    1. Can you wait a few months for the release of Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge?

    2. IPS based LCD?

    3. Prosumer/Pro level work?

    4. Can you describe your typical workflow/work? ie, do you work with large RAW images,etc.

    Anyways here is what I would do:

    Core i7 930

    ASUS P6T or ASUS P6X58D Premium or Rampage II GENE or P6T Deluxe v2

    OCZ Agility 2 90GB (currently $190 after MIR) or other quality SSD. Probably >=60GB. 60GB should be enough for OS and CS5 and Maya/3DSMax along with some left over space for scratch disk/temp file use when working.

    GSkill Ripjaw 6GB or 12GB (2x6GB kits) depending on work

    CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ or Core Contact Freezer (optional, but I recommend it, esp if OCing)

    Corsair 650TX or XFX 650W or other quality 550+ W PSU

    nVidia GTX460, preferably 1GB.

    2x 500GB Samsung F3s for storage. Possibly in RAID1.

    Win 7 x64 Home Premium. No point in getting anything more imo.
  5. My goal is to purchase in mid november. I work with all types of images...not to much motion graphics, but I am expanding my services to include that soon. I hope this helps.
  6. So this is a pro/prosumer build? In that case, what I have recommended already would work fine. I would usually recommend a workstation card (ie Quadro) but since you are gaming, the GTX460 will do nicely esp. considering the good OpenGL performance for that card.
  7. Oh well since no concrete X6 config was posted:

    Tower @ $673AR with 2 games in

    60GB Sandforce based SSD $124AR

    $797AR in Total
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