Cant use display drivers for Gigabyte 5870!

Ok so 2 days ago i though the main problem for my Gigabyte HD 5870 "super overclock" graphic card was that its a little overheating. But i all the time got error when i play a video on youtube or any different video, that "display driver ATI stopped responding and has successfully recovered". So i was searching on net for the solution but just didnt find anything. So then today i reinstalled my Win7 and formated the disc also. So then i was happy that it WORKED! But then i installed the newest ati ccc 10.7 drivers and everything went to hell again... Same error, if it happed 3-4 times it was the BSOD then -.-" So first i though it was only the ccc that is making problems, so i only installed the drivers with no catalyst. But it was the same thing!!!
I cant do anything with no drivers like playing games or with them because this error that is happening because of the drivers. Did any one else got problem like that or am i the only one o.O Could this be the GPU that could be broken or anything or is something in the software. Pls help me im desperate =(
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  1. AMD driver download site

    Also try to tune down the core freq and memory freq and see if it will improve the situation.

    Please provide the details of your HW (PC Specs) including power supply brand/model.
  2. First thing is that in ccc i cant get lower with the core. The 850mhz is the minimum in ccc for me.
    The memory is at 1200, i could go lower but i really dont know if it will work. But i will try.
    Ok my spec:

    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 650 BE 3.4GHz
    GPU: Gigabyte HD 5870 "super overclock"
    PSU: LC Power LC6650GP3 "Silent Giant" v2.3
    Memory: 2x 2GB 800MHz kingston
    1Tb Spinpoint F3 HDD
    Win7 ultimate

    If i forgot anything tell me.
  3. Try going with a lower driver version, i have been using 10.4 on my other machine and have had no issues at all.

    remove drivers via windows, then boot into safe mode, driver sweeper, then boot (with no internet access as Win 7 will try to automatically download & install the latest certified drivers) and install 10.4
  4. Same thing. Well the first drivers i instaled instead of 10.7 were 10.4. Because they should be the best ccc drivers with no bugs at all. So if 10.4 dont work i doubt even lower meybe more buggy drivers will. I also tried 10.7 like i said.
  5. Any one knows anything about it??? Pls help im really getting pissed! If it helps, 2 days ago i changed my computer case with a better one also the new HDD 1Tb. But everything was working fine in my older case that was really bad with crappy airflow.
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