4890 vs 5770?

Hi all! I'm stuck in a bind with my new build. I have to decide between a free radeon hd 4890 OR a radeon hd 5770. I know from the benchmarks that the 4890 is slightly faster when it comes to frames per second but that the 5770 has direct x 11 support. Basically, should i stay with a free 4890 and get $140 when i return the 5770 i already ordered or should i keep the 5770. Thanks for the help
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  1. In my opinion, keep the free one, save up and buy a better graphics card, it's not much of a difference, ut if you had to pay for the 4890 I would just buy the 5770
  2. Keep the 4890, its faster than the 5770 and DX11 isnt too important as of yet, no point to switch to a weaker card just for DX11 support.
  3. even though this topic is old... the best answer would've been: Sell the free 4890 and return the 5770. Use the total cost of both cards as the maximum amount you'd spend for an even faster vid card. :D
  4. If u looking at DX11 hit a HD 6850/1GB+256bit GTX 460 or better else keep that 4890
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