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GPU Bottleneck on my system ????

Hello, i had a quetion about my gpu .....
My RIG is :

intel dual core e2200 oc 2.6ghz
2gb ram
radeon hd 4850
windows 7 ultimate
1360x768 display

when i play crysis on high settings sometimes its lag and drop the fps to 20 ...
did my cpu bottleneck my gpu ????
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  1. You may have a slight CPU bottleneck...However Crysis is a very demanding game so I'm not surprised that your FPS drops to 20 sometimes.
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    You probably have several limitations. Not enough RAM, a mediocre dual core CPU, and a mid range GPU. Now, given your resolution, the GPU probably is fine... although with a single 5850 I was able to play on High at the most and it took two 5850s to play on Very High, but also at 1920x1080.

    Your CPU could use some OCing, but it also is probably ok.

    2GB RAM is probably holding you back, causing the game to use file paging on your hard drive, and whenever it has to access it you get lag.
  3. So, should i add another 2gb ram to make it not lag again ????
  4. whether i should change the cpu ????
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  6. I would think that yes, 4GB of RAM would make your system a lot smoother in games. In a few games, I've had my Task Manager open and looked at the performance and I've used up to 3.8gb RAM in some games. StarCraft 2 and STALKER are using a lot.
  7. i was planning to change my procie too, i just had 200$...
    so what procie i should use ??
  8. This is a decent quad core you could get (cheapest one)

    It's a Q8300

    Basically any Socket 775 CPU will work. You could go with a faster dual core if you want, they're generally cheaper. Depends how long you want it for, as quad core will have more and more support in the future.
  9. Make sure you flash your motherboard BIOS to the latest version to make sure your motherboard can except quadcore's.
  10. thanks bro.....
    i will searching this quad core in my country and compare the price with this one ...!
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