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well i been thinking of upgrading my processor now i have a dell dimension c521. the processor i have now is a amd athlon 64 proc 3200+ 2.00 ghz, and im thinking about upgrading to . to this processor here i was told it would work but i will have to down grade bios to a older version for brisbanes to work with the computer. now what im wondering is this true will this processor work and also will i be able to put the side of my case back on with the new processor+fan inside of the computer?
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  1. any help?
  2. Never heard of a BIOS downgrade to support a newer processor.. The upgrade will be worthwhile though in all the probability, you have to up date your BIOS.. As for the closing the case side, i guess you are worried about over heating.. In that case, keeping the case side open too is not going to help that much.. You need to enhance the airflow inside your case.. You can do that by installing more fans or by purchasing a new case altogether.. You might also want to get an aftermarket CPU cooler.. The CoolerMaster Hyper 212 plus is cheap and good option for that..
  3. well malmental thank you for the help 1 last thing before i go. i was told the BIOS had to be 1.0.3 for this certain processor to work. so this 1.1.11 bios ur saying to do, will work for sure or should i go with the 1.0.3 bios?
  4. well thank you very much malmental i also forgot to ask in the last reply where could i find these bios updates all in order to load them when my processor does come in?
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