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I just built a server and got a Asus P8z68-v motherboard and i installed windows server 2008 i am haveing problems with some drivers. I cant get the intel lan drivers installed i down loaded drives from intel and got a message saying it could not install drivers as no such product exits. so i opend the asus cd and found the lan drivers on there and got the same message when it starts to install the drivers. It also is not reading the pci slots on the board. my next step is to try a usb to eathernet adpter and try to conect to the internet that way and see if windows can find the drivers for me. dose anyone have any other ideas for me as where to get the drivers I need? thank you Chris Hull
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  1. If the Ethernet controller is a 82579V (the 82579 is supported), this thread may help you:
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