Workstation: v8800 vs. Quadro 4000

I'm going to build a new workstation and could use some help in determining whether to purchase Nvidia's new Quadro 4000 or ATI's comparably priced v8800. I've found a couple of benchmark reviews for the Quadro 5000, but nothing yet for the 4000.

My machine will be primarily used for 3ds Max, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and a bit of Premiere.

(I realize I could have posed this question in the New Build section of the Forums but it seemed more appropriate to ask it here.)

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  1. Thanks for digging that up.

    Here's another review I found:

    That one covers both the 5000 and 6000. Unfortunately I till haven't found anything on the 4000. I posted the question in the comments for the icronic article. Maybe I'll get a bite there.

    Thanks again.
  2. After searching for a 4000 review i got my head messed and thought i was searching for a 6000 review, which is why i posted that, the 6000's aint that hard to find, my mistake.

    If I come across one ill drop it in here, my bad :p
  3. not allowed to edit messages yet :lame:

    so -
    p.s. Its only a few days old that card, so im sure some will be popping up soon, but im beginning to think that there simply aren't any online yet.
  4. Ha-- no worries. I was trying to very diplomatically navigate my response to your initial post without making you feel bad about linking me to the wrong card. :)

    I'll keep my eyes peeled as well. Cheers.
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