is there any problem using i5-760 with dh55tc ?
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  1. No..
  2. ss_interior said:
    is there any problem using i5-760 with dh55tc ?

    for the love of god don't get that mobo!!!!!!!

    I used it on a build and i RMA'd it 5 times. Very unstable and glitchy board. Mind you the DH55TC has video output. The i5-750 doesn't have an Integrated Grafix Processing Unit. IF your getting the DH55TC for not getting a grafix card to save cost's get another processor like an i5-661. It has an IGPU.

    If your getting the i5-760 and wan't a compatible mobo for it...get Asus P7P55D or an EVGA board.

    What are the intended uses for this config?
    Where dya live?
    we can suggest some sites to look into :)

    btw, ss_interior -welcome to the forums!
  3. http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/motherboards/DH55TC/DH55TC-overview.htm

    No, that's should be no problem.
    But, are you really on tight budget? Generally, INTEL board is not too good, for general use it's okay, but for gaming or OCing you need more than that...
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