Weird RAM & Display problems

I've got a RAM problem that has me completely stumped. Searching hasn't yielded an answer, so I'm hoping you all can help.

In my office, I have two Dell Optiplex 170L minitowers. My boss purchased them at the same time many years ago. The only difference is that one PC runs 7 and the other is still on XP (SP3). Each system had 2 x 512MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM RAM modules installed. Yesterday, we replaced all the current 512MB modules with 1GB G.Skill modules of similar specs. The first computer booted right up, has run for two days straight, and has no indication that there's any trouble. The second computer, however....

When both of the new G.Skill modules are plugged in, the computer will POST and load XP, but when it comes up to the login screen, the display goes haywire, the mouse freezes, the keyboard becomes unresponsive, and the computer must be hard booted. Here's the weird thing.... Either G.Skill module will work in either DIMM when paired with an old module. It's ONLY when they are together does the issue arise.

Any ideas?
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  1. Update: After two days of constantly running, the "working" PC froze up in the middle of typing an email. The symptoms exhibited were identical (distorted graphics, total lock-up).

    Any ideas as to why these desktops can't handle the G.Skill RAM modules? Dell offers 1GB modules specifically for my desktop, so I would have thought these G.Skills would have been okay too.
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