New pc build advice needed!!

Specs thaht have been decided:
Intel i7 950
Gigabyte UD3r
2x Ati 5850
Corsair HX 850W PSU

I need advice on which RAM to buy i have short listed:
Corsair XMS3

G skill

Also if there is a better PSU which is cheaper please tell and shoul i wait for sandy bridge to come out??
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  1. You should wait for Sandy Bridge.

    2x5850 uses 469W from the wall (<420W from the psu) under Furmark:,2433-13.html

    Allowing 80W for max cpu usage and a 20% cushion for aging and comfort, and a quality 650W or 750W psu would be fine. Step down in capacity, but not quality.

    This Antec TP:

    was very well reviewed for its performance:
  2. Either of those will do.. My personal recommendation would however be these -
  3. dragon5677 said:
    Sorry, forgot this question.

    Given the same spec and two quality manufacturers, choose the cheaper (G.Skill).

    Unless you are OCing the cpu (where faster memory can help), you won't notice better performance from faster memory than you have chosen.
  4. the psu is large enough but im leaaning a lot towards corsair for some reason, as for memory i found the g skill pi series which are cheaper but offer CAS 7 latencies. cheaper compared to corsair dominators.
    Pi series:

    and this one too:

    basically memory with latencies below 9. can you guys suggest me good cooler too??
  5. one doubt about xmp profiles, many ram seem to have this but im not sure what these do??
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    Corsair is a good place to lean toward :)

    The $30 difference for the lower latency isn't a lot of money, but I doubt you will notice any performance difference in real life.

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 is a decent cooler, and a great value. but it depends on what you want to accomplish and what case you have.

    If your mobo supports "XMP", you can tell it to use your memory's XMP setting . . . "X" meaning xtreme :)

    And once again . . . wait for Sandy Bridge :)
  7. yeah it willl be a good thing to wait for sandy bridge as it is said that it will come out in Q1 of 2011.
    Thanks for all the help :)
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