Dell XPS L502X Touchpad to Motherboard Connection

Hello all,

I just replaced the SSD in my XPS L502X, it runs great. But the only problem is, when I was replacing the hard drive, I broke the little black connector that holds the touchpad wiring to the motherboard. You can see in this picture that the wiring for the power button has the plastic piece in contact and is fully connected:

I have tried getting the touchpad to work without the black piece, but it wont. Pressure must have to be applied for it to work, because even when it is fully in, it just won't work. I have searched for a replacement part, but I could not find any.

Does anyone know of any alternatives like electrical tape that might work?

All help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Would using a blob of blu-tack to fill the space over the ribbon cable be able to hold it in place without damaging the motherboard?
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