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I've got a system built around an E8400 and a Asus P5Q PRO Turbo mother board. The MB and CPU alone set me back about $280.00, I'd like to switch over to a quad core. Would appreciate any suggestions, Thanks much.
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    Unless you have special requirements . . . to get improved performance with an "old" quad you're gonna spend as much as you would for a newer cpu with equal or superior performance. If eg you are gaming, save your money, wait until Sandy Bridge, and upgrade the cpu/mobo.
  2. Why quad? The new quad wont lift up your experience in anything other than encoding (or GTA4). So dont waste money. Overclock this beast 8400 and enjoy.

    (Disregard those AMD suggestions :) )
  3. U can get a six core amd for like $100 more which is alot better than core 2 duo

    if u aint got the money, E8400 is a decent cpu
  4. I would stick with what you have and OC the 8400. I have mine running at 4 ghz water cooled.
  5. As said by TwoBoxer, if gaming is your first concern then don't worry.. Stick with your E8400.. Its still an excellent CPU for gaming purposes.. Overclock it if necessary to get a little more performance out of it..
  6. If you already have the E8400, I would keep it and OC. If not, a cheaper solution might be AMD. Depends on your budget.

    E8400 vs. Phenom IIx2 965

    Hope it helps. :)
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  8. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. I'm going to wait until I have the cash and build something with a i5 in it. My brother's still using something with a Pentium 3 in it. I gave him a desktop with a Pentium 4 3.2 478 and he's afraid he'll loose data changing over and wont use it, it just sits there and wont let me help. To bad.
  9. Pentium 3 lol.
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