Problems when powering on PC

To start with, I'm not sure if this needs to be posted here or not, so I apologize if this is the wrong forum.

My specs
HP Pavilion a6813w
Intel Pentium dual CPU E2220
5GB DDR2 ram
Vista Home Premium 64bit
OCZ Fatality 550W PSU
Radeon HD 5750

The PSU and GPU are the only upgrades.

Now onto my problem, earlier today I had the site running and also Starcraft 2. Well I accidentally hit the sleep button on my keyboard which put my monitor to sleep, as soon as that happened the fan on my GPU went crazy, I thought it was about to explode. I couldn't get my PC to do anything, the monitor stayed asleep, so I powered down my PC.

I let it sit for a few minutes before trying to start it up again and that's where the fun began. I hit the power button and all the fans and lights came on for about 3 seconds, then it would shut off for about 5 seconds then repeat all over until I turned the power off on the back of the PSU.

My first thought was the PSU went bad, so I disconnected everything and hooked up my OCZ StealthXstream 600w and still, the same thing happened. I then disconnected everything from the motherboard and reconnected it, but still nothing.

By this time I was pretty frustrated, so I took a break from trying to fix it and kept looking for solutions online. Finally found something about resetting CMOS, so I did that and it works ... for now.

Has anyone else had a similar problem to this? What could've caused my PC to react the way it did when my monitor went to sleep? Do you think resetting CMOS fixed my problem or is it possible it will happen again?

And also, how do you disable keys on the keyboard? I don't want to risk hitting the sleep button again.
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  1. Yes, I think the CMOS reset fixed your problem. There is something wrong when you hit the "sleep button" and your computer throws a tantrum like my 5 year old daughter. Sometimes I wish I had a CMOS reset button for her. It could be a fluke, and will never happen again. It could be there is a short in your mobo, and other problems might crop up.
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