Can't Install W7, Think I Need Mobo Drivers

I am trying to install W7 on a pc, but having a problem. It picks up the HDD but when you go to install W7 it comes up with the message "could not create a new partition on the hard drive see log for more information" something like that. This HDD has nothing on it I believe. It's a 300GB HD and theres like 280GB free. So I think that I need to have the drivers for the mobo to allow the hard drive to be picked up. The HDD is connected via IDE. Here is the mobo :
I cannot locate any drivers that seem appropriate for this motherboard and can't fix this problem. If anybody could help please do so, I would appreciate it.
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  1. You don't need any drivers for that board to install Win7.

    You can delete whatever is already on the drive and create a new partition during the setup process.

    Check out this link. After choosing the Custom option, if it says anything other than "Disk 0 Unallocated Space" then you need to click on Drive options (advanced) and delete whatever is already there.
  2. I have clicked on "Drive Options" and all the options were greyed out I believe. I think there was one option that wasn't but it didn't do anything. It picks up the drive and the correct amount of space on it and everything, it just refuses to create a new partition. I honestly think the HDD is just shot, since it's so old that it just uses IDE.
  3. There are sata ports, the hdd that was in there previously used sata. Would it have anything to do with the IDE HDD is hooked up to the same cable as the CD drive? Like it's a splitter IDE cable that goes from mobo and then splits into 2 cords, one end goes into the CD Drive other end goes into the HDD.
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