Case w/PSU on Top versus PSU on Botttom

It seams like more expensive cases have the power supply on the bottom of the case.

Is there any real benefit to having the power supply on the top or the bottom or is it just personal preference?

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  1. There are good and bad cases with both orientations. Short answer, it really doesn't matter.

    PSU at the top of the case allows a shorter run for the two main mobo power cables, and can make certain cases top heavy. PSU at the bottom . . . doesn't lol.
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    Heat rises, psu at top will be sucking in all the warm air from inside the case, psu at bottom will be sucking in the air from the cooler lower part of the chassis, therefore the psu wont have to work so hard to stay cool and it allows exhaust fans to be mounted in the warmest part of the case, the top. :D

    This is the theory anyways. :lol:

    I thinks it allows for better cable management with the psu at the bottom although on some psu's it means the connectors need to be put on upside down which can be awkward. Also depending on what case and psu you have the psu cables can restrict airflow so top or bottom can help with cooling.
  3. PSU at the bottom normally means there an extra fan in the top so better cooling
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    I recommend the psu at the bottom drawing air FROM THE GPU (need to be close like SLI or crossfire) and blowing it out... otherwise draw air from bottom vents and blow out...

    I did a recent mod on a HTPC (like a DVD player not tower)... the case originally had the psu at the front drawing air from the top and blowing out through the front... i changed its orientation and cabling so that it drew air from top and blew it inside the case... it was a much needed air supply for the case as it had enough exhausts...
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