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I have a dell gx620 SFF. Pentium 4 3.2 ghz motherboard model is 0F8101. it came with an 80GB HD on windows 7. I am wanting to buy a new 1tb HD, and put a fresh install of win 7 on it. Is that possible? I've read older forums asking about HD sizes, some answers say there IS a limit on the HD capacity and other answers say there ISN'T a limit. Also, the forums I read were very outdated which is another reason I'm asking a question that's already been answered.
the specs I read for this model said I need a slimline 1" HD, yet I read on the forum that a 3.5" will work. I would open it up myself but I don't yet have the new computer.
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    Any SATA drive would work as it would just downgrade the speed of the drive to SATAI (according to the PC specs). As for the dimensions, most HDDs are 1" thick. The 3.5" specification is the drive width which needs to go into a 3.5" bay.
  2. Thanks for the very quick response. I'm very new to all of this (all I've ever done is swap out a dvd drive, install a video card) I guess I just wasn't really using my head, because I've removed my HD before (older computer) should've realized there was no way that HD was 3.5" thick.. lol
  3. No problem and happy upgrading :D
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