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Hey peeps! :D

I'm taking all the stock parts outta my Dell Inspiron 580 and puttin' 'em in a Antec 300 case. I need some help with the power switch, power light and hdd activity wiring . The stock dell plug is one piece and the Antec is three. Any ideas on what the positive and negative wires are? In my limited experience (with computer wiring) the negative is usually black or white. I've chased the stock plug as well as I can and red/white is the power switch, yellow/blck is activity led and brown/blue is the power on led. I've googled the service manual, but it isn't very specific (at all).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.. ;)
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  1. Forgot to add that the mobo is a foxconn board. Not sure which though...
  2. Okay. Some more googling turned up the model #:

    Foxconn DH57M02 Optiplex

    Can't seem to find a manual anywhere though...
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    Shouldn't be a proprietary wiring layout.
    Polarity doesn't matter for switches.
    The LED's won't light up if polarity is reversed, an easy fix.
    The Dell front panel connector doesn't have a reset switch, need to use the jumper from it on pins 5 and 9.
  4. Thanks delluser1! Appreciate it!
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