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PC Not Utilizing SLI?


This probably seems like a dumb question but I thought I would ask anyway. I have been using SLI for the past year and I thought I was getting great results. Now I realize that my motherboard, the MSI X58 Platinum, has an SLI variant out there. I have looked up reviews on the board and reviewers are docking it for not allowing SLI. I am confused because the mobo came with an SLI bridge, and NVidia recognizes the 2 video cards and allows SLI mode.

Am I not actually utilizing SLI? Is my mobo only really using one card this entire time?
If that's the case, whats the best SLI motherboard out there for my i7 setup? Do all these current motherboards support the same RAM?
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    Use the SLi indicator (in Nvidia control panel go to 3d settings on the top beside view and file and turn it on). When you run a game or anything gpu intensive the indicator will change to represent the scaling. If it changing and the green bar is pretty long then that means SLi is working.
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