Best CPU Cooler for Intel i7-970 CPU

Im not sure what fan I need for the i7-970.

All comments welcome and thanks.
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  1. You overclock? One of the best rated is the Noctua NH-D14.
  2. The D14 is surely among the best available.. Just make sure you've enough space and clearance in your case for it is quite huge.. Ram modules with tall heat spreaders may also cause problems..
  3. Thanks guys thats pretty helpful. The D14 is pretty pricey though. I was looking to spend about $50 or so, someone told me the V6 from Cooler Master is pretty good as well as Zerotherm for around the $50 price range. I may overclock a tad but not ridiculous, ill keep it under 4.0ghz.
  4. The V6GT is good but very loud.. I'll recommend the Corsair A70 over that.. Btw, IMO, if you can afford the i7 970, then you should also be able to shell out a little more over 50$ and get a nice cooler..
  5. True, but to be honest, i spent more on my case than i did the CPU.
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