Question about the Thermaltake v9

Is it big enough to fit a LGA1366 Motherboard, 1 Ati 5870 and a SATA HDD with room left over

What are your reviews on the case
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  1. 1) It will fit everything just fine.

    2) As for reviews, I would go with the Cooler Master HAF 922 at the same price. It is the better all around case (size, cooling & cable management).
  2. As long as the motherboard's standard size is the same as one of those compatible with the case, you're golden. The only issue that really arises is if you buy an Extended ATX (E-ATX) motherboard, but there are very few of those on the market.
  3. I have it and the cable management leaves a lot to be desired. I wish I had something else. Look forward to the day I replace it. Looks good tho.
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