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LT hard drive corrupt data/boot issue

December 23, 2012 2:02:23 AM

I am currently having an issue with a corrupt hard drive someone sent in to my office. I was able to access the laptop drive via an external dock (BlacX Duet) and physically see the files still intact. I transferred some of his e-mail archives but when I moved to transfer his My Documents folders, I'm getting nothing but errors (akin to file not found, specified path doesn't exist, etc.)

The drive seems to have multiple bad sectors, or possibly a virus. I'm curious to whether or not it may be a virus as the hard drive some how destroyed my work Laptop's boot mgr. I simply restarted the laptop and was greeted by the unpleasant sight after working on the corrupt drive for a few hours. I took the drive home to work on it over the weekend, but my home PC also was experiencing boot issues while the drive was physically attached to my machine via USB and eSata. Both a boot file not found and a blue screen. Needless to say, I've ceased working on the drive for the time being.

My question is, at this point, the drive is pretty dangerously destructive to whatever machine it's plugged into, at least during a Windows environment. I don't want to give up and call it a day, I feel like the files may be recoverable, but if it's going to keep crashing every machine I attach it to, I'm not going to risk it.

Should I boot the drive up in a non Windows environment? What program would even allow for me to do that? I have access to several replacement laptops/desktops that are spare hardware, but if it's going to destroy anything it touches then I'd rather not break anything else.

Is it even possible to pull the data off at this point?

Sorry for the long post. :pt1cable: