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Anything using high bandwidth such as youtube videos (which occasionally buffer) or normal downloads from a server and they all max out at about 100-120kbps, though they may not even get that high sometimes. Ordinarily I could download and stream a youtube video simultaneously no problem, download speeds averaged 315kbps and would max out at 550kbps (the limit was reached only a few days before this started and it's been going on for a few weeks, where previously it went on for a few days at most). Nothing has changed with the setup or settings and even the internet speed tests show that it's slower (0.8mbs as opposed to 2mbs). Websites were slow to begin with, but they've managed to speed up a bit. In some cases the downloads from servers timeout or encounter errors too.
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  1. 1. Try powering off your Internet modem and Router by physically unplugged their AC Power cords, wait 1 minute, and turn them back on

    2. Check the MTU settings of your router. If set to 1500, try changing it to 1495.

    3. Have you changed or updated your Antivirus or Firewall software recently. If so, disable them and test connection speed

    4. Perform a spyware and virus scasn of your system.
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