Default bious password for dell laptops

i have my dell laptop model no pp01l i could not change any settings in my bios could u please help me out with this problem i even reset the bios
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  1. Hi, have you got a bit more info-

    How did you reset the bios?

    Can you access the bios?

    Does the laptop actually work?

    What settings are you trying to change?
  2. Welcome to the forums,newcomer!

    are you from calcutta? :P

    hmmm...cracking a laptops bios password :S will look it up on another one of my threads ...hang on

    Dell Latitude PP01 try edit 1 and then edit 2

    EDIT 1- read these to find where your the links in order 1>3
    2| - scroll down to the section marked "Dell", download manual if necessary and follow the other steps

    EDIT 2 -
    # scroll down to the bottom half until you see Dell Latitude PP01,read the steps and download the file

    if your having trouble downloading, download it here
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