Things to upgrade

approx upgrade budget 300-360? Canadian

current specs (for gaming)

cpu-amd athlon 245 @3ghz

graphics-xfx 5770

HD-320 WD blue

OS-windows XP SP3

motherboard- gigabyte GA MA785G UD2H

memory-4 gigs DDR3 OCZ gold

case-antec sonata 3

PSU-500watt antec earthwatts PSU

What should i upgrade to get better gaming performance?
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  1. I would do the following...

    1) Sell the 5770 for additional cash.

    2) Purchase an EVGA GTX 460 1GB (more powerful than your 5770)

    3) Purchase the Phenom II X4 955.

    With selling of your 5770, it should give you enough money for these upgrades. Any additional cash left over, I would look to upgrade your hard drive to a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB.
  2. Your CPU looks like the weak link there. You may be able to get enough extra performance out of it to be good enough if you overclock it a little harder. Personally, if it were my machine, I'd put in at least a quad-core or more likely a 1055T hex-core. (Yes, the 1090T is faster and easier to overclock, but if you know what you're doing with overclocking, you can get pretty similar performance out of the 1055T for $100 less).

    You don't need more than 4GB of ram, and the 5770 is solid for anything except the biggest monitors (1600 pixels and up). I also think that if you plan on keeping this machine in the long term, you'll be better off with 64-bit Windows 7.
  3. The best upgrades for you :
    Win7 Home Premium x64 and
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 or 965 or X6 1055T.

    -4GB RAM is enough.

    -HD5770 and GTX460 doesn't differ much, and you won't really notice the difference.

    -HDD upgrade is possible anytime you want, but no direct impact for the system performance.
  4. x6 1055T is the best choice for price vs performance now if you overclock, read this article and i would sell the 5770 and get a gtx 460 1gb and OC it, im quoting from somebody 007 that linus tested a gtx 460 hawk an OCd it past 5870 levels, he was comparing it to a stock gtx 480 and it fared well.... 5770 vs gtx 460 1gb
  5. Well here's what i was thinking
    ill get the phenom 955
    windows 7 home premium 64 bit
    and a crossfire MOBO and another 5770 in the future and possibly a samsung F3 500 gig
  6. Sounds like a plan!! :)
  7. Yup! Sounds a good plan to me.
    If you got a bit more money, I think 1TB F3 has a better USD/MB than the 500GB, but it is not critical.

    If you are short of money, just get the proc. the next one will be the XFire mobo.
    The second GPU and the HDD stay on lower priority in my opinion, it means, they can wait.
  8. wouldn't i have to get a new PSU aswell if i get a second graphics card since my PSU is only a antec 500 watt
  9. You are correct... the Antec EA500 will not be able to push two ATI 5770's. You'll want something a little stronger at a safe bet of 650 watts.
  10. I'd get a GTX 460 like others have mentioned above. I absolutely love mine.
    If you get two 460s, I'd recommend a 750W PSU.

    Will a 650W really be able to run 2 5770s?
  11. Yes...

    Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5

    Core Clock: 850mhz
    Stream Processors: 800
    Effective Memory Clock: 4800mhz
    Power Consumption at Idle: 18 watts
    Power Consumption at Full Load: 108 watts
    Recommended is a 450 watt PSU with one 75 watt 6 pin PCI Express connector, but could be run on a quality 400 watt PSU. 600 watt with two 6 pin connectors will be needed for crossfire.
    Recommended 37 Amps on 12 volt rail for single card and 50 Amps for crossfire. This card can run on lesser this is just recommended and will be able to run with at least 30 Amps on 12 volt rail.
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