Starcraft 2 - ATI Anti-Alias Support

StarCraft 2 shipped without AA support for ATI cards, leaving units and buildings all jagged-looking for those with decent ATI cards. If anybody buying the game, ATI came out with new Catalyst drivers that give Starcraft 2 the AA it so richly deserves. They are a must-download.

Blizzard spent a lot of time on this game, I wonder why no native AA support for ATI. Hrm.
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  1. no native support for nvidia either...
  2. True, but Nvidia was on the ball a lot quicker. They had new drivers out while the beta was still going on.
  3. Yeah, but both take a fairly significant hit implementing it from driver side, hopefully blizzard will add software support for it to reduce the massive performance hit.
  4. Not to mention fix their stupid white glitchy flashing of images in game. I'm so annoyed by it. I mean, look at my specs, shouldn't I be able to run this game at max specs without issues? (1680x1050)
  5. Isn't up to the developer to include support for AA (and other features offered by video cards)?

    Does this mean that ATI / nVidia must write sub-routines for each individual game that comes out so that AA and other features supported by their cards are being implemented?

    Are developers becoming lazy?

    Does this mean ATI / nVidia should be developing games for the developers?
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