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hello i need help im looking to upgrade my cpu and im unsure what type of cpu i can use on my board i currently have an intel pentum 4 530 cpu. my board is a dell the model number is om3918 its a 775 socket and im looking to put a quad core cpu in it but im not sure if my board can handle it. also im running 4gigs of ddr2 ram and have a nvidia geforce 210 graphics card. if anyone can help my id appreicate it thanks if you can help.
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  1. what do you use the pc for, gaming, browsing . . . .
    and to be frank i dont really recommend upgrading cz your mobo is too old, and your gpu is old and weak too, i recommend you to save your money and do a full system upgrade later

    anyway here is a good value cpu if you insist:

    but again, i dont recommend upgrading, save up for a whole system upgrade better for you
  2. well his is the first of many upgrades but im working on a budget so its a slow prosses
  3. man believe me, if u upgrade the cpu now, you will regret it, cz when the time comes and you have the money to upgrade the rest of the system you will notice that the cpu has became old, btw the 775 socket is already a very old by today standards, leave it as it as and when you have the budget buy a new pc ;)
  4. (true this thing is anchient but its still works for now) im just looking to make it a good gaming rig for now till i can save up to build a better one.there is one thing that confuses me about my cpu though when i look at my system specs it say's i have a duel core cpu but when i run cpu-z it say's i have a single core?
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    You Know, I had The Same Dilemma And Wanted To Change My CPU On My 775, But After Getting The Opinions From Toms, I Have Changed My Mind!
    Right Now I Can Play Games Just Fine, And Now I Am Saving To Get An i3-2100,A New Mobo And New RAM!(I Have The Money For The Processor But Saving Fr MB And RAM)!
    If U Upgrade to a socket 1155, you can always pop in an i5-2500K In Future!
  6. well mine right now im only geting 8 fps when playing cod:mw2 11 fps playing bia and 15-25 playing new vegas but what if i overclocked my nvidia geforce 210 its only a 512 card would that help me for now? im only asking about overclocking because i had a nvidia gefroce 9800 gt 512 ddr3 in my computer but there was a ram issue.still got the 9800 though
  7. The 9800GT is equivalent To A GTS 250(same Hardware,Just shortened)..
    What was the Ram Issue ?
    If It Runs, Then Plug It In... It Will Be A Big Difference For Sure!
  8. the ram issue was the card has ddr3 on it and my board is running ddr2 and it just kept shuting down new vegas and saying that the card is not working properly
  9. Hey.. The Ram on a motherboard and the Ram on a Graphics Card Are Totally Different!
    I mean, if your motherboard has a PCI-E x16 Slot, Then Any x16 GPU Will work on it,no matter what the RAM!
    I am running an ATi 6750 DDR5 On My Board which supports DDR2 Only!Now by the RAM The mobo supports, it refers only to the RAM you install in the DIMM Slots!

    The New Vegas Problem Could Have Been Bcoz Of Driver Issues, Or PSU Faults!
  10. im just going by what windows is saying but yes i know what you mean it shouldn't have been saying the theres a ram conflict and i do need a better power supply for the 9800 i have a 305 watt power supply and the minimum is a 400 watt im looking into geting a 480 watt power supply
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  12. Get A Branded Power Supply Ok.. A 450W Antech/Corsair Would Be Fine,Bcoz They Are Underrated.. Which Means They Will Give Out More Than 450W At Load! :)
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