ASUS P5B-deluxe; 6 GB RAM Installed, only Available 5GB ???


ASUS P5B-deluxe mainboard
6 GB RAM Installed , only Available 5GB?
2x - Kingston KVR667D2N5/2G
2x - Kingston KVR667D2N5/1G

After installing 1Gb; 2GB; 1 GB and 2GB (total 6GB)
The system tells me 6GB memory is installed
However only 5GB memory is available, usable.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help.
Regards, JS
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  1. Pull all the RAM out an boot the PC on 1 stick at a time. Start with the 1GB sticks. Once finished put all the RAM back and boot. If it still fails go get memtest 86 and test your 1GB sticks.
  2. What do you mean by "only 5GB memory is available", how do you know that?
  3. Running a P5B Deluxe here too w/8GB. You must enable memory remapping in the BIOS to use all of your RAM.
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