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1)my ideal is 73...and 95 while playing game...im using ati radeon HD4350 1gb(no fan attach for this g card)...can i add fan to reduce the temp???or any else sugestion??

2)and what the normal temp for graphic card while running game ??and temp without running game.(my hard drives currently maintain in 48)

im beginer for this...need someone to be teacher
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  1. you should keep it below 90C. 95 is a bit too hot i would say. i would consider just adding a few case Fans. have them blowing directly at the GPU to keep it cool.

    i had a Nvidia 9400GT that the Fan broke off. so i just got an 80mm fan and lay it on top of the GPU. kept if from overheating
  2. HD4350 is not a gaming card, plus it doesn't have a fan, it can get HOT pretty easily...
    Get a better card if you want to play games.

    For now, you can add an extra fan in your case to make the temps down.
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