Map Drive Problem

I have a network that recently started incorrectly reporting free space for Mapped Drives.

The network consists of: Server running Win SBS 2003 (as a workgroup); 1 XP Pro and 4 Win 2000 workstations.

None of the workstations are reporting the free drive space correctly, but the the W2K units are reporting that space is available and allowing read/writes; the XP box is reporting no free space available for the same mapped drives.

Steps attempted to resolve: re-mapped the drives, run scandisk on all units, and defragged.

Suggestions welcome.
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  1. Where are the shares physically located? Are they spread out over the workstations or are they all on the SBS 2003 Server. If they are on the Server, check your Disk Quota settings.
  2. The shares reside on the SBS Svr and as previously stated, it is operating as a workgroup, not a domain. Quotas still set to default (Off).
  3. Ok, fair enough. Disk space errors can occur with mapped drives if an antivirus or firewall on the workstation is effecting the network drive connection.

    Have you upgraded or changed any security products on the workstations lately. Perhaps try the connections with the local antivirus / firewall software disabled to test.
  4. No recent AV/FW upgrades, other than defs; already ran through standard connectivity tests: cabling, NIC, router, drivers, etc., to include temp disable of AV/FW. Also ran scandisk on the host drives.

    But, it turned out that it was quota related, after all. For grins-n-giggles, I went ahead and enabled/applied quotas on Svr and rebooted. Mapping was back up, so I disabled, applied, and good to go!

    Who'd a thought? Guess its another of those nifty MS features! Will keep an eye on it, just in case.

    Appreciate the look over my shoulder!
  5. There must have been a registry change/corruption in there somewhere that got overwritten by the action of enabling the Quota options with a legitimate entry.

    Glad to hear it.

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