Er, can a hard reset damage a computer?

My PC was just idling at the desktop and I had no idea that the tiny button on my antec 300 case was a reset button so I accidentally hard reset the computer. Is this harmful?
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  1. If you were idling, probably not. Doing that runs the risk of corrupting open files, but will not do physical damage.
  2. I heard somewhere that it can overvolt components?
  3. No, not unless you have a crappy PSU that doesn't respond well to quickly changing loads. Still, the drop in current demand from an idle state is not so severe as it might be if you were in the middle of a game.
    Are you having problems with your PC? Hopefully someone can help. It might be me, except that it is after midnight here, and time for bed...
  4. The only thing I'd be worried about is corrupting a hard drive, but you should be fine in terms of the usability of the components.
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