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So I have the asus z68n v pro and I installe the latest bios and the latest intel smart response technology, then I set my bios to raid mode in order to enable smart response, but windows wouldnt start. So it turns out I must reinstall windows while bios is set to RAID mode. So now I left it on RAID mode, and I launched boot from the windows CD for a clean install, but I takes me to some really annoying "Startup Repair" mode which I do not care about and I dont want to deal with. Why is it not taking me to the installation screen. What on Earth am I supposed to do to bypass this annoying repair mode which I already know isnt gonna work anyway!! This is realy ticking me off! Somebody please help!!
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  1. Ok, so I reverted to ACHI mode, then booted from disk. Now it took me to the correct Windows installation screen. I then used this mode to format my system hard drive. Then I restarted my pc (without OS) and went to the BIOS. Now I switched to RAID, saved settings and rebooted (with disk boot set as default). It now took me to the Windows installation screen and I am installing windows in RAID mode. I have fixed my issue I think.
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