Best program to recover corrupt or reformatted harddrive

i have a 500gb external harddrive with all of my pics, music, and files. when i use mt SATA bale to try and read it, i get a message saying disc cannot be read, reformat now? also the files show up as raw although written with windows XP / NTFS. i have tried many "DEMO" versions of recovery software and get results anywhere from no files found to some found but not near the amount i know is there soi haven't purchased the license to open up what is found. please assist.
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  1. You didn't keep your files backed up on a separate hard drive or DVD media?
    All hard drives can fail at any time so you must be prepared for that event by having at least two copies of everything at separate locations.

    I wouldn't even dream of not having my data backed up.

    Try Easus Partition Recovery:
  2. Easeus makes some decent partition recovery software. Just google easus.
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