Mobo start up problem

so i started up my system for the first time and the mobo red led light is lite on the dram and cpu. what does that mean? not getting anthing on the monitor
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  1. Please list your full specs,
    and any other relevant information you can think of,
  2. case: cooler master scout
    cpu: I7-950
    mobo: asus sabertooth x58
    ram: corsair dominator 6gigs
    heat sink: v-8
    video card: sapphire radeon HD6850
    Im a beginner so i dont really know what im doing, hooker everthing up like it said it the instruction manual, everytthing seems to have power, all the fans come on. System doesnt seem to wanna boot up.
  3. i just noticed there is a plug that came with the mobo that says speaker on it. it looks like a small speaker. where does that plug into on the mobo?
  4. If you read your mobo manual it should say where the pins are for the case speaker (some Mobo's have the speaker built-in)
    best I can think of for you at the moment is to run through this guide:
    Sections three and four are what you want to go over, doublecheck everything you've done so far, all plugs etc in correct places and secure,
    motherboard drivers installed for correct operating system etc.
    I'll check back in the morning, got to go to work now,
  5. what power supply do you have?
    Is that memory the Regular dominator ddr-1600? so no ram modules should be in A2, B2, or C2. They should be all in the 1 (A1,B1,C1) slots which if I remember right are the lighter colored of the pair and it goes something like CPU, A2, A1, B2, B1, C2,C1 on the mobo. Please verify you have them installed and seated correctly.
    Once they are all installed and seated correctly power up the system. Now if it still does not boot up, press and hod the memok switch until it starts blinking. The system is now tuning your memory and may reboot many times. If it still wont boot and cannot work with your memory the switch will light up contiously again and you will need to get different memory. Pl;ease order memory thats been tested and listed on Asus's website Qualified vendor list I beleive they call it.

    Let us know how it went.
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