CPU fan sudden/momentary increase then decrease.

Hi, very occasionally (only ever heard it twice) I hear my stock Intel CPU fan rev up (saw 1800rpm on intel desktop utilities) and then a second or less later go back to its normal speed (1300 rpm).

Just wondering if this is normal behaviour?

The processor is an i5 760, the computer was idle (40C processor) when it happened.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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  1. Intel has Speedstep technology that automatically increases and decreases the fan speed in accordance with the cpu heat.

    It can be enabled and disabled in the bios but it sounds like its working ok, you can also change settings in the bios to have it react to your prefered temp settings if you want.
  2. That's a normal, just like beanoslim said above.
    If your stock cooler make loud noise then you can buy an aftermarket cooler for just about $50-$60.
  3. Yep.... BIOS setting that auto-controls the fan speed when your processor gets too hot I guess.

    Press the F8/F11 key (whichever your motherboard says when you start up) and fiddle (VERYYYY CAREFULLY) with the BIOS, looking for a fan speed, or auto-temperature setting
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