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I have just built my first computer and i have to say it feels good to be done, and atm i am using my old screen its still good but it is only 19 inch and thats to small for me. So my question is if i buy another 19 inch screen and put em next to eachother will i still be able to play games like WoW and cod mw2 or will the gap in the center be to much of a problem?
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  1. I find the bezels in the center to be too distracting. I would get a nice 23-24 inch 1920x1080 LCD and game on it while your desktop is up on the 19inch.
  2. 2 monitors and FPSs do not work. Your gun will be aiming at the bezel. 3 monitors is possible, but it's simpler to just use the 1.
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