GF4 vs Radeon, benchmarks anyone?

I'm looking into buying a graphically capable notebook. The GF4go and the ATI Radeon are the obvious choices. I'm down to a Dell Inspiron 8200 1.8ghz, 256mb DDR, 30GB, GF4 64MB or a Sager with equally equiped but with the Radeon w/64MB. It comes down to benchmarks.

Could anyone post thier 3dMark 2001 benchmark scores for laptops that fit these profiles? Anything close will do (ie: 1.6ghz~2.xghz, 256MB RAM and up, whatever HD size.) I need to see good cross section of performance of these two platforms.

Also, does anyone have any opinions about SXGA vs UXGA? Is UXGA worth the money, or will SXGA be fine for the occasion OpenGL application? I know this has been discussed a few times before, but I really just need the benchmarks and display opinions to set the record straight. TIA

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  1. I have an Alienware Area-51m. It's got a 2.2 ghz desktop processor. 64 meg ati radeon 7500. My score average is 5290 on 3dmark2001, without overclocking or tweaking at all. It's higher than any benchmarks i've seen posted for the dell8200 or sager np5620. Basically my advice is if it's between the sager and the dell get the dell. If you have a lil extra money get the'll love it. I have the uvga screen. For me, at least, the extra money for the uxvga has been worth it.
  2. I'm also lookin into getting a Dell Inspiron 8200 with Geforce Go 440 64mb. I think the Radeon has better power optimization and uses less battery power life during dvd playback. As far as uxga vs sxga goes, thats the current choice i'm faced with at the moment.

    Dell's sxga are lower res (1400 x 1050) but their uxga and uxga asv enhanced are 1600x1200. Now i've only heard bad things about that high a res on a 15", namely that dumbing down the res leaves borders.

    If any one could exlain the difference between sxga, uxga and uxga asv enhanced displays, that would be more beneficial.
  3. SXGA - 1400x1050 resolution
    UXGA - 1600x1200 res
    US UXGA - 1600x1200 res with higher contrast and viewing angles

    Im using a Dell I8200 with 15" UXGA res at the moment, and it looks beautiful - if you have bad eyesight, i can imagine it wouldn't look so great so go for the SXGA+ lcd.

    I don't know where you heard that nonsense about borders with decreased resolution, that's a function that you can turn on and off depending on your preference. An LCD Screen's resolution shouldn't be changed from it's native res because it will then become blurry due to it stretching pixels to fit the screen.

    You can't get a 64MB GeForce4 GO with the Dell I8200 anymore, only a 32MB GF4Go, or a 64MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9000. (I would recomend the latter: more powersaving, higher performance)

    Dell Inspiron 8200
    Intel Pentium 4-m 1.7GHz
    15" UXGA TFT
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 64MB
    384MB PC2100 RAM
    30GB HDD
    8x DVD (Fixed)
    24x CD-R/RW (modular)

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