HELP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! (network problem)

I'm trying to install an ethernet card to get onto my buddy's LAN and we can't get Windows 98 to recognize the card - we're also experiencing random system freezes whenever the ethernet card is in the system physically.


I finally got the card installed and working, so it seemed. It worked fine for about the first 3 bootups then it stopped working and started freezing again. The BIOS says that the CPU is at 57 degrees celsius, is this bad? Could this be causing the freezing? I will take a look at the IRQ's but I think the freezing might be due to the high temperature. Thoughts?

Another Update:

We got the temperature down but the freezing has not stopped, any ideas? It's down to 44 degrees now.

We're trying to install a LinkSys LNE100TX etherfast card

Is it possible that the program "mprexe" is causing the freezups when Win98 boots up? BTW, the freezeups occur right after Windows asks me to login with a username/password.

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  1. talk to <A HREF="" target="_new"> this </A> guy, same problem, heh

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  2. Hmm if Win98 won't see it it is most likely an IRQ issue - definitely not heat.

    You are not getting it installed at all in Windows, then the bios is not handing it over.

    Try the card in a different PCI slot first, then check different options in your BIOS. Find an IRQ that is unused if possible and fix it on that slot, then try again.

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