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Dogman_1234 here.

I have posted before concerning starting a computer cleaning business. I am happy to say I am in the process of pursuing the pathway or a new business.
All I need to do is go down to the local Chamber of Commerce and get certified in that area.

Once that has happened, I will advertize the business and go to work. Hard to say what it will bring, bit I definitely know there is business out there needed.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or just want to slam me for whatever reason,( I allow theme to slam ME Mods), the by all means...go ahead..ask.

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  1. Hi dogman, I wish you all the luck on your new venture. While I do think it can be a lucrative investment (since cleaning out computers it super easy), most of your success will come from word of mouth.

    I do have a few concerns/suggestions/questions:

    - Do you have a business plan in place?
    - I hope this isn't your primary source of income since it will be very difficult starting out and you may not see a profit for quite a bit.
    - How do you plan on advertising, what methods are you going to use?
    - Do you have some pricing in mind already, and is it competitive with local businesses that offer similar services?

    Just some things to think about. I think it's a good idea, and again I wish you luck with it.
  2. -Not really
    -I understand, but I cannot rely on other forms of income as of now
    -20 dollars a desktop, and 25 every extra. There are only 2 or one businesses that offer this. One charges 45, the other I think is around 60.
  3. Good luck competing with the big box stores. Advertising is kinda expensive if you do like a mail out or something of that nature. You will also need a business license and a E.I.N number fox tax purposes to do business legal. At 20 a pop you will have a hard time making any money when you figure your over head. But as I said good luck man...
  4. I applaud your idea. And Good Luck with that. I respect those who try a new business venture on their own.

    Not too rain on your parade, but IMHO, those who need that service the most, won't pay for it, because they don't know they need it. Try to use that angle in advertising.

    You did see the pictures in here about dirty computers, didn't you?
  5. THG had a topic on it...let us just say 'eww'.
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