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new comp, lotsa problems

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October 27, 2004 6:49:32 AM

hey i don't exactly know where to post this, cause i guess theres a lot wrong. i just got a new computer, ASUS p5GD1-VM mobo, p4 2.8, 1 gig pc3200 ram.

The comp has some problems.

1) Any network setting OTHER than 10mbit/sec half duplex doesn't work.

2) Some websites won't lode. I get the error that the page is not found when i try to access them. For example, the adobe acrobat reader download page, the java vm download page. other pages like take about 10 reload tries until it sees the page. It will just say page can't be found instantly, and then i reload and reload and eventually it finds it.

3) funny stuff happens when i shut down sometimes. when i powered back on once, my network drivers were suddenly not installed. THere was the yellow question mark and exclamation points on the network adapter in device manager.

4) some programs randomly act funny too.

5) I feel like the computer is slow, just in normal tasks. and i can't do some 3d stuff/gaming. yes i am using the onboard graphics for now, until the pciexpress cards come out, but it still seems slow. is there some benchmark software where i can test my entire system?

Thanks for the help, the network stuff is the most important.

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October 27, 2004 3:55:08 PM

Have you tried different/updated drivers for everything (mainly chipset,network)?
What network device(s) have you plugged it into?
Have you tried a different network cable?
Does your comp have a static or dhcp assigned IP?
Download/run 3dmark01se and see what score you get, I don't think it will be much though. I can't see that integrated intel video card doin very good in anything.

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October 27, 2004 8:40:06 PM

Lets start with #1.

What is your network connected to? If its directly connected to an ADSL or cable modem, 10mbit, half duplex is all you're gonna get. If it's connected to a 100mbit switch or a cable/dsl router, then there's a possible problem.

2) how is your IP/DNS/Gateway settings configured? DHCP? Enternet.300? Are you on DSL? Cable? Dial-up? This seems like you may be getting noise on the line if it's dsl, but we need to know more before guessing.

3) That is funny...

4) Very funny...

5) Virus, adware, malware, trojan's etc., can all cause system slowdowns. They can even cause #2. Get the most recent virus updates and adware program updates (lots of possibilities there... spybot, ad aware, too many others to list...) and download/install them. Then physically disconnect from the internet, reboot and run them. Then get a firewall and make sure both firewall and anti-virus are running before you connect to the internet again (or you get to do the cleaning out again).

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October 29, 2004 6:19:58 AM

THanks for the reply:

1) My network is connected to a router, and then to the cable modem. My roomates are able to get 100mbit perfectly without any problems. I have connected the cable that is going into my computer to their computer, and their computers run fine.

2)IP/DNS/Gateway settings are all configured exactly like my roomates

3) yea my computer is messed up
4) yup, very messed up

5) Done all this, no help =(
October 29, 2004 6:22:22 AM

In reply to folken:

Yes i have updated all the drivers.
It is plugged int oa router.
Yes i have tried a different cable.
COmp has DHCP assigned IP
i'll try running 3d mark, but yeah i think you're right. The onboard is too slow. However, my concern isn't out it being slow cause thats normal. my concern is the random freak crashes and system hangs, and drivers randomly uninstalling themselves from running stuff like doom3.

thanks for the help guys.
October 29, 2004 9:59:41 AM

What type or router?
bios is updated for board?
you lan card is on board or external?
If External What kind?
With the question mark next to your lan card what was the message? Did you fix that yet?

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October 30, 2004 12:00:59 AM

So i've ran into some more sites that don't work properly. if you go to, you know how there are ad pages, and ad popups? those don't load at all, it says it can't find the sites. java download page still doesn't work. adobe acrobat reader download page doesn't work. Is there a common theme to all these pages that would give a reason as to why my connection can't see them?

also, you know in the upper left under the tom's hardware guide logo, there is the "subscribe to tom's hard news" button? That picture doesn't show up either, and when i click it, it can't open the page that hte link is to. Same "page cannot be displayed error"
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