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Ok, so I have an HP computer from a friend and am trying to install Windows. However, the BIOS does not let you boot straight from a CD and only allows you to do a system restore. I want to format the HD and start anew. How can I bypass this stupid feature? Can I reset the BIOS? Any suggestions, please!
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    Go directly to the Boot Menu (not BIOS) - on Dell computers it is the F12 key during the splash screen. Don't know which key on HP computers.

    From the Boot Menu, change the boot order. Re-boot.
  2. You see...on pre-built systems, sometimes you have a hidden pratition containing the factory set ups in your hdd.
    If you are not going to use it, you might want also to destroy it, since it takes some place in your hdd.
    You can check if your system has that kind of partition by :
    1. connect your hdd to linux-based system.
    2. boot from partition wizard cd.
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