Commy keeps Dieing, PSU or Motherboard?

This really strange thing keeps happening and its really intermittent...

Now and again the Computer will either turn off completely mid session and wont restart or after i have shut down the computer the next time i go to turn it on it will not restart and the psu will make a crackling noise and the HDD light will flicker loads and the CPU fan will not spin.

The crackling noise indicated to me that its a failing power supply BUT...

Then after juggling around with the cables and stuff, un plugging and plugging back in...its seems to be fine again, will boot up fine until maybe anytime from a day to a month later it will happen again.

Ive now since narrowed it down to unplugging the 20pin motherboard connector and back in again then it works again?

Im totally stumped as to whats happening or causing this....

Any suggestions?
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  1. Crackling noise, could be indication of one these problems, based on my experience:

    a. Low voltage
    b. Your room/area voltage power is not enough
    c. Power supply problem
  2. option B is interesting,

    just because the commy is in a loft conversion and the bloke who owned the house did it himself (he was a builder apparently) but as times gone on we have noticed hes a bit of a cowboy and bodgejobbed alot...including on the electrics in certain rooms.

    in option A. do u mean the PSU isnt supplying enough voltage to the mainboard etc...??

    Could a dodgey connection on the 20pin socket cause this?
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  4. Option B happens to me when I went for a LAN party at my friends house. 2 PC, 1 laptop and a PS3+TV was running at the same time, and I heard crackling at the PC and the laptop. The crackling noise is heard most clearly around the PSU area. After he upgraded the wiring and all it stopped. Even so back before, I haven't had any problem; although I had my worry.

    Option A, if your system is what is listed in your signature...I also wonder. Do have any extra PSU you can test the mobo with?
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